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Bob's Follow Up

Bob's Follow Up
By Bob 4 years ago

I am writing a one year follow up review of my Dillenger 350w, 10 ah kit.

As stated earlier, there was a problem with the controller initially; this was resolved immediately by Sam Sewell, the owner of the company. IMO, he is an individual who has exhibited a very high degree of integrity in my association with him.

The aspect of e-biking that has been the biggest surprise to me is the degree that some vendors expect an individual to go to in order to resolve a problem with their product. This ranges from disassembling battery packs to troubleshooting electronic systems. Some of these are impossible to reach once they have your money. Dillenger, while having the lowest priced kit I could find (with the right specs and components), promised a plug and play kit with a one year warranty, and they delivered in spades.

About the performance. There's not a lot to report. A front conversion was the perfect system for my introduction to e-biking since with the mid mounted battery, the bike is balanced perfectly. The kit has performed flawlessly and hums along at 20 - 21 mph; after a year of use it seems to have the same range although I don't think that it's been subjected to a journey of more than 16 miles, almost always using throttle only.

Most of my trips have been to run errands, so of 5 - 15 miles. The bike is perfect for these outings, and probably faster than the car since I am able to avoid congested areas. Other times I ride on dirt trails along drainage channels in the area. These are not heavily used and it's fun to "bomb" along at 20 mph. On the rare occasions that other individuals are present, I just go into pedal only mode until they're out of sight. I really enjoy the balanced nature of the system at these intervals.

I treated the bike to a Brooks spring saddle for a little "rear suspension". It will probably require five or so years to break in the saddle since the British don't like to rush things. There are all sorts of magic elixirs which reduce the break in time, but I'm in no hurry. Also, time for some new tires! The slime tubes have performed admirably for the duration, and there have been no flats with them. Needless to say they are staying.

In summary, inexpensive (relatively), strong, light, pick any two, the old saying goes. I say buy Dillenger and don't compromise on any of them.

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