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Off Road Electric Bike Kit - Samsung Power

The new Dillenger off road electric bike conversion kit is a brand new product that has evolved from our previous 1,000W off road kit.

We have ditched the rear rack battery and opted for a Samsung powered 560Wh monster packed into a sleek frame battery.

With all of the same much-loved features, and vastly improved battery capacity and cell spec – This will quickly become our best selling 1000W kit!

Regular Price: £999.00

Special Price £749.00

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Product Description


King of the off road kits

The predecessor to this conversion kit filled a gap in the market for a reasonably priced high speed off road, rear drive, hub motor conversion kit. We've opted to make changes to this kit based on the feedback from our customers. We've ditched the rear rack battery and opted for a solution that improves off road performance. The new battery solution is lighter, easier to install and higher in energy density and capacity. The down tube battery system is also complimented by a new innovation, the Dillenger controller guard. We've upgraded the display (KT3 LCD with satellite thumb controls), included a thumb throttle and e-brake hall effect sensors. Using the e-brake hall effect sensors, you can keep your existing break levers. Also included is the easy-to-install pedal assist cadence sensor, waterproof wiring harness and smart charger and all the parts needed to complete your conversion. We strongly suggest purchasing our Dillenger hub motor conversion toolkit and also a 1, 6, 7, 8 or 9 speed freewheel from Dillenger online with your kit purchase. This will save you a lot of time and hassle down the track! With your conversion kit, your freewheel sprocket and your hub motor toolkit, you'll have everything you need to complete the successful conversion of your plain old bike into an electric monster!

Samsung 29E

The perfect cell for this application needed to reliably handle the high drain of a powerful system over a thousand cycles. The Samsung 29E cell is a high energy cell which adds up to 560Wh of energy in the battery pack. The high powered conversion kits can discharge a huge amount of energy in a short time compared to a street legal kit, so it's essential to have a battery pack equal to the task. Direct drive hub motors draw a lot of amps on start up, so the demands on the battery are high. The awesome reliability and performance of the 29E 2,900mAh Samsung cells have been tried and tested and we're very pleased with the results. The pack is protected by an advanced BMS (battery management system) which monitors the heat, amp draw and voltage of the pack. The BMS balances the cells during charging and manages the discharge of the pack over your ride. The BMS ensures that the pack remains balanced over time and charges safely to deliver reliable use for the design life of the pack.

Universal high performance

As with all our conversion kits, the objective is to make the conversion as seamless as possible. You can download a scale PDF of the battery profile to make sure beyond any doubt that the battery will fit on your down tube and you can take a look at the installation manual (also above this text) to see exactly what's involved. The kit has been designed to be competently universal and easy to install for anyone. We've also make some changes to improve that. We've dropped the e-brake handles and opted for the e-brake sensors, which used to be an optional extra. We realized that most customers would prefer to keep their existing shifters and in some cases that was a necessity, not just a preference. With the e-brake sensors, you can use your existing levers and still have the safety benefit of e-brake power cut off (the controller cuts the power to the motor when you pull on the brakes). Most customers also purchased a thumb throttle so we changed the twist throttle to a thumb throttle. You also have the benefit then of using your existing grips. In this way the Dillenger kit blends around your existing bike, rather than changing it completely. Another improvement is the upgrade to the KT3 LCD display which features a larger LCD screen and a satellite thumb pad. The thumb pad controls the LCD (change the information displayed and the level of pedal assist from the motor) and now you don't have to take your hands off the grips to adjust this.

Patented controller guard/heatsink

One of the issues with off road conversion kits is that the controllers produce a lot of heat which needs to be dissipated efficiently. Hiding the controller away in a bag or in a box is just about the worst thing you could do with a hot controller. The only problem then is that no one makes a decent system for mounting the controller where it's also protected by mud, spray and debris. That is, until now! We've developed and patented (pending) our own controller guard which mounts the controller out of the way, under the down tube where there is plenty of air flow to keep it cool. The Dillenger controller guard allows air to move past the controller whilst also protecting it. The majority of cooling occurs by the conduction of heat from the controller case into the controller guard, which acts as an large heatsink. The guard is made of laser cut and anodized lightweight aluminium that can be easily adjusted by moving the various fins to suit your frame. It's easy to install and will protect your controller and improve the efficiency of the whole system.

Will the NT battery fit my bike?

Sizing up your NT batter to your bike


Will this kit fit my bike?

There are thousands upon thousands of different bikes out there, so there is no list to guarantee that it will, however almost all bikes, whether they are mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers, choppers, BMX or whatever else, have a very standard axle slot width (approx. 10mm), standard front and rear fork dropout widths (approx. 100mm and 135mm respectively) which our kits are universally compatible with. The front-on profile of the motor wheel is also very similar to that of a normal wheel, so clearance on the fork section is also not a drama. If you dropout dimensions are within 5mm of this then that is generally acceptable. To use the pedal assist sensor your bike must have the standard internal bottom bracket bearings and about 4mm clearance on the crank axle on the non-drive side of the bike. If this isn't practical, you can easily use the kit without the pedal assist sensor, or change your bottom bracket.

What Size Conversion Kit Do I Need?

The information you need to know will be written on the tyre of the bike you’re converting. It’s not the diameter of the rim alone, it’s a complicated measurement that is annoying to work out from measurements of the wheel, rim and tyre. The easiest, most straightforward way to know what size you need is to look at the info on the tyre. It should read 20, 24, 26, 28 or 700C somewhere on the sidewall.

What’s The Difference Between 700C, 28″ And 29er?

It’s a complicated measurement and there is often confusion around this question. If you own a 29er, 28″ or 700C wheel bike, you need to order a 700C kit which will be the correct kit for your bike. The 29ers can have wider rims and hubs, so check the dropout clearance prior to ordering. We have not yet had a 700C, 28″ or 29er that has been incompatible. So long as you select the 700C listing and use the tyre that was on your wheel, your 29er will make a great electric bike.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Designation 1,000W Upgraded conversion kit
Main Use Off road
Nominal Power 1,000W
Peak Power 1,200W
Max Range 70km (45 miles)
Average Range 50km (31 miles)
Throttle Only Range 40km (25 miles)
Throttle Type Thumb throttle
Pedal Assist Levels 5-9 levels
Handlebar Display KT-LCD3. Newer kits are shipped with the C965 LCD display
Rims Double wall eyelet
Spokes 12G stainless steel
Wiring type EB-BUS waterproof cable set


Battery Chemistry LiMn2O4 Lithium Ion
Nominal Battery Voltage 48V
Charged Battery Voltage 54.6V
Battery Capacity 11.6Ah
Nominal Battery Energy 556.8Wh
Battery Removable Yes
Battery Cell Type 18650
Cell Spec Samsung INR18650-29E 2900mAh
Cell Configuration 13S 4P
Built in BMS Yes
Other Features USB charging, battery cradle included
Maximum Battery Charge Cycles 1,000
Battery Charger Type SANS 48V 2A Smart charger
Battery Charge Time 5.8 hours from empty


Motor Brand Dillenger OEM
Motor Model 1,000W Upgraded wiring
Motor Voltage 48V
Max Motor Power 1,200W
Drive Type Direct drive
Motor Sensors Hall Sensor


Controller Brand Dillenger OEM with patented controller guard/heatsink
Controller Operating Voltage 48V
Controller Max Voltage 60V
Controller Low Voltage Cutoff 40V
Controller Operating Amps 22A +/- 1A
Controller Nominal Power Output 1,000W
Controller MOSFET Tubes 9
Controller Sensors Hall sensors


Total Weight - No Battery 7.5kg (16.5lbs)
Battery Weight 3.2kg (7.1lbs)
Total Weight 10.7kg (23.6lbs)


Battery Width 82mm (3.2")
Battery Length 360mm (14.1") including cradle, 315mm (12.4") without
Battery Height 125mm (4.9")

Whats in the Box?

Rim w/ Motor 1 ~6kg - Cable Length 340mm
1 x Crush Washer (35mm)
Battery 1 Cable Length 490mm NT Style 48V 11.6Ah Samsung Battery
Charger 1   48V Lithium Ion Battery Charger
Guard 1    
Controller 1 66mm x 129mm x 38.5mm - Cable Length 180mm x3, 680mm x1
4 x Hose Clamps (Various Sizes)
22Amp - 48V - 9 MOSFET Upgraded Wiring Controller
LCD & Handlebar Controller 1 1 x LCD (66mm x 97mm) (Cable Length 200mm)
1 x Handlebar Controller (23mm x 45mm) - Cable Length 290mm
1 x Mounting Bracket
4 x Half Rubber Fittings
2 x Screw (M3.8 x 10mm)
1 x LCD User Manual
KT3 LCD 48V Display
Throttle 3 Pin Male 1 Cable Length 175mm
Cable Length 175mm
Thumb Throttle
Pedal Assist Sensor 1 1 x Sensor (Cable Length 400mm)
1 x Magnetic Disc (86mm)
1 x Metal Cir-clip
RPAS - Upgraded Wiring
Brake Sensors 1 2 x Sensors (Cable Length 210mm)
1 x 3M Double Sided Adhesive
2 x Magnets (9.5mm x 9.5mm)
Hydraulic Brake Sensors
4 to 1 Cable (Cable Length 1340mm) 1 1 x Plastic Mounting Bracket  
Plastic Cable Sleeve 1 Length 1050mm  
Zip Ties 10    
C Washers 2    


Customer Reviews (11)

There is what was promisedReview by kimmo
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Easy to install, Powerful, Quiet motor, I recommend,
Well runs on snow in the terrain. (Posted on 14/02/2019)
Wow, so happy! Amazing. 250w wouldn't be enough!Review by Gary
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Kit arrived. Well packaged. Very comprehensive pdf instructions for both fitting, maintenance and functions.
Fitted to my 2015 voodoo hoodoo.
So impressed with the aluminium controller case that complements the battery above. So cool and a great place to carefully store excess wires.
I was well prepared being a diy kit would expect to be a bit fiddly, but easy enough.
Great customer support is at hand via Iris via email. Very helpful and often replied same day or next working day. I live in Sheffield ( on 7 hills ).
I commute 5 miles each way. This kit was to get me to and from work quicker. Ive gone from 30/35mins each way to 20mins. My way back involves a 900foot climb. I mostly use level 1 and 2 PAS bar this hill on the way back i use 4 or 5. I can do 13-15mph up this hill and wow, amazed! Nice quiet hum from hub motor.
I was concerned about the quality of the 9 speed freewheel however gear changes still as slick as before with my cassette.
These guys are by far the UK market leaders in ebike kits. Im so pleased i chose Dillenger.
Thanks guys keep on developing your products and providing great after care service. My odometer display is on 500+ now after 3months and i can now go 3days commuting (30miles) without charging using a combo of PAS levels 1-2 and 4-5 briefly.
I still push as hard as i did without a motor just go much faster now, legs still as strong as ever.
Be prepared to have to get the spokes tensioned after your first ride or 2, completely normal. Think as spokes so fat take a while to bed in, even had to fettle them again after 100miles but they about settled now.
My only improvement would be is i didn't like the look of dillengers torque arm, i found one else where, a 3 piece system that i could use a m5 bolt in the mudgaurd screw on my frame. Didn't want to use a jubilee clip.
Top tip, get bullbars for your handlebars in case you ever need to turn your bike upside down in emergency road side repair (puncture). You wont be able to due to the display otherwise.
(Posted on 04/10/2018)
Electrified classic SchwinnReview by Bill
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
I converted a 67 Schwinn middleweight. I had to weld in a bracket for the battery, those vintage curved tubes don’t quite provide the room, but it was easy to do and works great. If I had a complaint, it would only be I don’t care for how the heat sink attaches to the controller. In fact, the whole thing would have worked much better if I had some other options for the heat sink. But having siad that, I have no complaints at all and will likely do this again on another old bike. (Posted on 27/05/2018)
Very impressed with this kit and serviceReview by Ricky
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Just wanted to thank dillenger electric bikes. The rear Hub conversion was very simple to install . I have been using it for month and no issues. All instructions were found online and not only was the product was to my satisfaction but also the service. My kit was sent out very quickly and given tracking numbers . The team also modified my throttle to suit my application . Thanks dillenger (Posted on 16/12/2017)
Great Kit, butReview by Einrac
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Kit was straightforward to assemble onto my Focus Lost Lagoon. Only problem encountered was the PAS. My BB is a Hollowtech Octalink - and there is no room between the BB and the crank to mount the magnet ring. In the end, I enlarged the hole on the ring and epoxied to the actual crank - worked perfectly, but I'm not sure of its durability. Obtained a magnet ring that attaches to the small chain ring on the right side - but Dillenger do not supply a right side sensor (which given the popularity of Hollowtech BB's they should) But all in all the kit works a treat. I use the bike to tow my kayak - that's why I needed the power! (Posted on 05/12/2017)
impressed Review by Darren
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
i have been looking into ebikes for a year or two and have been undecided on which kit to buy .
So glad i picked this kit ,for my size 6 5" and dodgy knees also i live in a very hilly part of yorkshire this makes me smile when tackling hills .
It was so easy to install only problem i encountered was that there are no torque arms inc with the kit , these are are needed !! .
I have been using this for my commute for a month now and have had no problems .
also its a good looking sleak bit of kit and i have a lot of intrest in the bike /kit so overall happy bunny (Posted on 25/10/2016)
Great kit. Exactly as descibedReview by gerard
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
I have had the kit installed on my mountain bike for one month. Done 1100km without any problems. Can easily get to 40 kmh on the flat . Quiet and powerful and has made my 55km round trip commute easy.
Fletcher great to deal with . Excellent result. (Posted on 16/06/2016)
First time DIYer onto traditional mountain bikeReview by Ross
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
I'd been thinking about electric bikes for some time but with a £1500 Scott Scale Elite MB sitting in the shed I couldn't justify spending £2k on a decent e-bike.

The solution was this 1000w rear hub kit. I had some fairly unique requirements which are;

I've not cycled properly for over 2 years
I'm a 20stone (280lbs) 6'3" 49 year old lump
I want to tow two dogs in a trailer on a daily 20mile round commute.
I didn't want to change anything on my bike such as ,,

So the kit adds about 23lbs, the dogs plus their trailer weighs over 50lbs so I'm adding over 70lbs to my bike and riding a 10mile commute with 800ft of climbing.

My first hitch was trying to find a 10speed freewheel to match my 10 speed shimano setup. I found one from Sunrace, nothing fancy but does the job.

My second hitch was that the kit is not supplied with torque arms which are a must for this kit. Without them the wheel can easily jump out of the dropouts under full power. The cadence sensor does not fit on my chain set type and the throttle is best positioned on the left in my opinion (in the UK), just makes the whole thing easier to ride.

Range wise just me will get 20miles (just) but bear in mind I'm unfit and a fat bastard, I can easily see this rising to 30-40 as I get lighter and fitter.

With full on dog trailer dogs and me the existing 19llb bike is trying to push and pull 350lbs up over 800ft of hills up to 18% gradient. Suffice to say I still have to pedal pretty hard but without the motor for me it would be impossible. Just me on the bike and it makes my commute a real pleasure and while work is still required it really takes the edge off the climbs. (Posted on 08/06/2016)
Loving itReview by NOR Perth
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
I'm a fairly big guy (115kg) I was debating between the 250w street legal kit and this - i'm glad I got this!
I have a 15km trip to work and I'm beating the traffic. Luckily there are off road bike tracks so I can stay off the radar. I use the pedelec mode level 3-4 and I glide along at 30+km/h for the duration of my trip. Real world peak 40km/h + with this kit. (Posted on 21/03/2016)
pretty pretty pretty goodReview by z
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
what i expected. great torque, battery life is what i expected. if you are <70kg you can follow the speed/distance stats, if you are considerably more it will not be quite same however 40km+ range when using pedals which should be enough. the torque is still great no matter how much weight you would conceivably have on the bike.

i'm not exactly sure how to rate the price as i am a new customer to this market. if the stats are correct then i shouldn't need to renew any major parts for at least 12-18 months of heavy use. (Posted on 17/02/2016)
One of the nicest looking hub drives!Review by Jason
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
This kit is so fast and mean looking, easy as any other kit to install. I've been waiting for Dillenger to bring out a frame battery for the 1000W kits, instead of the rear rack. So I jumped on this back when it was a pre order. Now I've been riding around for a month or so and all I can say is, if you're looking for an affordabe, high spec'd and fast kit. Get this one! Thanks Dillenger (Posted on 20/01/2016)

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