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Arc Torque Arm

Street Legal Electric Bike Kit - Samsung Power 2.0

36V 13Ah (470Wh) - 100 km (62 miles) Max Range

The newest version of our all-time best-selling street legal conversion kit.

Featuring all of the greatness of its predecessor with some major upgrades such as a finely incremented thumb throttle, e-brake sensors so you can use your existing brake levers, matte black Dillenger hub and spokes, and most significantly: the greatly improved, high capacity Samsung battery system.

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Special Price £579.00

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Product Description


Optimized by customer feedback

Our previous, best selling version of this kit served us well for over 3 years. During this time we noted the requests and comments from customers which have been taken into consideration for the development of this new version. We've thrown away the e-brake handles in place of e-brake hall effect sensors. These mount on your existing brake levers so there is no issue with compatibility. We've changed the twist throttle to a thumb throttle which means you can keep your existing grips and have more room on your handlebars resulting in a cleaner looking finished product. Other changes include updated decals, matte black Dillenger hub motor, spokes and rim and the biggest change of all, the long range Samsung 13Ah battery system.

Long range Samsung battery

This new battery system is a major improvement for only a small increase in cost. Thankfully, just in the last year prices for Samsung cells have become very reasonable so we have opted for this impressive cell after thorough testing. The Samsung 26F cell is a 2,600mAh Lithium ion cell manufacturer by Samsung SDI for various applications. The longevity and stability of this cell at low to medium discharge loads make it ideal for this conversion kit. The cells are protected by an advanced BMS that controls everything related to the discharging and recharging of these cells to ensure they last a very long time and maintain good performance over the lifetime. The energy of this pack has now been increased from 360Wh to 470Wh. To see how big the battery and cradle is in real life and if it will fit in your frame on the water bottle threads, download the 'battery profile' document below this text.

High torque hub motor

This geared hub motor is 100% unchanged from previous models, apart from the new decals and matte black finish. We've kept this design the same because out of the thousands of units sold all around the world over the last three years there has been zero failures, which in a stressful application such at this is nothing short of astounding. The geared hub motor is 350W (limited to 250W in UK, EU and AUS) and has more torque than you would ever require, no matter the size of the hill or the load on the bike. Waterproof, zero maintenance, quiet, freewheeling (doesn't drag) and disk brake compatible. This hub motor has been so reliable and great to use that it has found it's way into many of our new e-bikes. Due to the torque we recommend the ARC Torque Arm for this kit

Ideal DIY conversion kit

The new Dillenger street legal kit is a great option for those looking to convert their every day bike into electric, where the finished product is a subtle conversion resembling a factory-made electric bike. The kit is made to universally fit any regular bike in 24", 26", 700C, 28" or 29er (just check your tire sidewall for your wheel size). There's no 'tricks of the trade' involved in installing this kit, it's designed to be assembled by a total rookie. If you get stuck, you can always just give us a call for help! Because bicycle forks are made to fit industry standard bicycle hubs, this enables us to produce a motor and wheel that is capable of fitting any regular mountain bike, cruiser, BMX, commuter, tricycle or road bike. If you're wondering exactly what's involved, download our manual which is located above this text.

Will the NT battery fit my bike?

Sizing up your NT batter to your bike
Check out the full conversion kit review on the EBR site here


Will this kit fit my bike?

There are thousands upon thousands of different bikes out there, so there is no list to guarantee that it will, however almost all bikes, whether they are mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers, choppers, BMX or whatever else, have a very standard axle slot width (approx. 10mm), standard front and rear fork dropout widths (approx. 100mm and 135mm respectively) which our kits are universally compatible with. The front-on profile of the motor wheel is also very similar to that of a normal wheel, so clearance on the fork section is also not a drama. If you dropout dimensions are within 5mm of this then that is generally acceptable. To use the pedal assist sensor your bike must have the standard internal bottom bracket bearings and about 4mm clearance on the crank axle on the non-drive side of the bike. If this isn't practical, you can easily use the kit without the pedal assist sensor, or change your bottom bracket.

What Size Conversion Kit Do I Need?

The information you need to know will be written on the tyre of the bike you’re converting. It’s not the diameter of the rim alone, it’s a complicated measurement that is annoying to work out from measurements of the wheel, rim and tyre. The easiest, most straightforward way to know what size you need is to look at the info on the tyre. It should read 20, 24, 26, 28 or 700C somewhere on the sidewall.

What’s The Difference Between 700C, 28″ And 29er?

It’s a complicated measurement and there is often confusion around this question. If you own a 29er, 28″ or 700C wheel bike, you need to order a 700C kit which will be the correct kit for your bike. The 29ers can have wider rims and hubs, so check the dropout clearance prior to ordering. We have not yet had a 700C, 28″ or 29er that has been incompatible. So long as you select the 700C listing and use the tyre that was on your wheel, your 29er will make a great electric bike. The rims in the kit are 25mm wide (outer width) and can take from a 38C tyre.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Designation Conversion kit
Main Use On road, commuting, recreation and leisure
Nominal Power 250W/350W
Max Speed 32km/h (20mph) restricted to 25km/h in display settings for AU and UK
Max Range 100km (62miles)
Average Range 65km (40 miles)
Throttle Only Range 50km (31 miles)
Throttle Type Thumb throttle
Pedal Assist Levels 5-9
Handlebar Display KING-METER KT3, Newer Street kits are shipped with the C965 LCD display
Rims Double wall eyelet
Spokes 13G steel
Wiring type EB-BUS waterproof cable set
Max Rider Weight 120kg


Battery Chemistry LiMn2O4 Lithium Ion
Nominal Battery Voltage 36V
Charged Battery Voltage 42V
Battery Capacity 13Ah
Nominal Battery Energy 470Wh
Battery Removable Yes
Battery Cell Type 18650
Cell Spec Samsung ICR18650-26F 2600mAh
Cell Configuration 10S 5P
Built in BMS Yes
Other Features USB charging, battery cradle included
Maximum Battery Charge Cycles 1,000
Battery Charger Type SANS 36V 2A Smart charger
Battery Charge Time 6.5 hours from empty


Motor Brand Shengyi OEM for Dillenger
Motor Model DGW07
Motor Voltage 36V
Max Motor Power 250W
Drive Type Geared hub drive
Motor Sensors Hall sensor


Controller Brand Dillenger OEM Sinewave with stealth cradle mount
Controller Operating Voltage 36V
Controller Max Voltage 50V
Controller Low Voltage Cutoff 30V
Controller Operating Amps 7-15A
Controller Nominal Power Output 250W-350W
Controller MOSFET Tubes 6
Controller Sensors Hall sensor


Total Weight - No Battery 4.5kg (9.9lbs)
Battery Weight 3.2kg (7.1lbs)
Total Weight 7.7kg (17lbs)


Battery Width 82mm (3.2")
Battery Length 360mm (14.1") including cradle, 315mm (12.4") without
Battery Height 125mm (4.9")

Whats in the Box?

Rim w/ Motor 1 ~6kg - Cable Length 400mm  
Battery 1 Cable Length 490mm
Charger 1  
LCD & Handlebar Controller 1 1 x LCD (66mm x 97mm) (Cable Length 170mm)
1 x Handlebar Controller (23mm x 45mm) - Cable Length 290mm
1 x Mounting Bracket
4 x Half Rubber Fittings
2 x Screw (M3.8 x 10mm)
1 x LCD User Manual
Throttle 3 Pin Male 1 Cable Length 175mm
Cable Length 175mm
Thumb Throttle
Pedal Assist Sensor 1 1 x Sensor (Cable Length 355mm)
1 x Magnetic Disc (86mm)
1 x Metal Cir-clip
RPAS - Upgraded Wiring
Brake Sensors 1 2 x Sensors (Cable Length 210mm)
1 x 3M Double Sided Adhesive
2 x Magnets (9.5mm x 9.5mm)
Hydraulic Brake Sensors
4 to 1 Cable (Cable Length 1300mm) 1 1 x Plastic Mounting Bracket
1 x Plastic Clamp
1 x M5 Screw
1 x M5 Nut
Motor Extension Cable 1 Cable Length 300mm  
Plastic Cable Sleeve 1 Length 1050mm  
Zip Ties 10    
C Washers 2    


Customer Reviews (19)

Awesome KitReview by Antony
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
I deliberated for months over whether to get one of these kits - so i thought i would write a few words to help otters. After looking at the apparently 'cheaper' kits on ebay, i soon realised that once you got a battery as well that they weren't as cheap as they seem - and with dubious after sales support. I looked at the swytch kits too - but 2 things put me off - they seemed to be limited to 15 mph with no simple workaround, plus the battery fits on the handlebars which i think would alter the handling too much. I cycle around 150-200 miles a week and i wanted an 'alternative' for the days when i am a bit tired and don't fancy a normal ride (or when it is windy!)

So I decided on this one - and it is awesome. It comes with a throttle and pedal assist and easily takes me up to 20/21 mph and can still sustain 16mph + up a steady hill. The motor is nice and quiet and if you want to 'power away' you can just gently twist the throttle. The torque is really strong and it accelarates smoothly and powerfully. I have it on max power most of the time and so far my longest ride has been 34 miles - there was still around half the battery power left - so the headline of 62 miles seems about right. There is a manual on this site with instructions on how to change a number of settings - including the max speed the motor will run at and swapping from KMs to Miles on the display. The motor seems to have a physical maximum speed of around 22 mph (although i have set it to 25). Having said that it still goes quicker if you dig in a bit or go down a hill.

I fitted it to my Trek FX 7.5 and it was a fairly straight forward process. I took most of the day on it so i could give it a deep clean and service , but i would say it actually took around 2 hours to fit. The low position of the battery was a real selling point for me as it stabilises the extra weight. The bottle cage mount fitting system is excellent.

A couple of preparations that some may need to consider.

1) The axle on the replacement front wheel is a mm or so thicker that the drop outs - so have a file available and be prepared to file them back - takes about 20 mins of elbow grease!

2) I have a hollowtech 2 bottom bracket so there is no space for the pedal assist disc to fit. However, if you cut a 45 mm core hole in the middle of the disc with a wood core drill you can fix it to the left pedal arm using a putty glue like Sugru - i used 4 fixings and it is rock solid. Shame this version couldnt be provided in the kit as an option Dillinger? :)

I would also recommend that you fit a torque arm to protect the bottom of the forks - the forces generated around the lower fork are huge. Dillinger can supply one or there are cheaper options on ebay. I got a stainless steel one for £8.95 and it is ideal.

Overall this is a great solution and although there were a few snags to overcome - i think this is reasonable for a universal kit :)
(Posted on 14/03/2019)
great piece of kitReview by dean
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
installed with no problems 6 months ago. Cycling to work 7.5 miles with many hills, takes me just 25 minutes.

Everyone should leave the car keys on the hook and cycle to work on a Dillenger bike. They will become fitter and more at ease with the world around them.

keep an eye on the front wheel spokes, they will need a tighten after the initial few miles. Thereafter they settle down.

(Posted on 10/07/2018)
great product, works as described Review by salvatore
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
This system has worked great for my commute to work, about 16 miles each way (so far I have 370 miles with this system). The battery has enough power for the return trip home; I am left with about 3 bars on the battery meter. Installation was a little challenging as my fork opening was too small by 2mm (about 45 minutes of filing to open this up for the axle to drop in). The other adjustment was the front brakes; the rim is much wider than a normal 700c wheel, no problem with that, but if you are not sure how to do this a bike mechanic should be used. Next issue is the ability to slow/stop the bike from 20 mph; I have a new front fork with a disk brake tab. I am not feeling that I can stop in an emergency with rim brakes, so an upgrade in on the way. In general I will be able to commute to and from work at least three day a week, saving miles on my lease vehicle and of course gas costs. (Posted on 07/06/2018)
Great ProductReview by Cam
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
I don't usually leave a review for something purchased off the internet but this EBike conversion kit is outstanding both in quality and performance so a review is earned. The quality of the components is first rate. Kit comes well packed too. This conversion kit went on a Specialized Roll Comp X1 step-through bike. Amaizingly the rim accepted my 650B x 2.3" time. Most of your time will be invested in installing the front hub/rim if your dropouts are to small. Also, go slow if you have a brake rotor as I bent mine slightly as I tightened the axle nuts before I realized I should have installed an additional spacer. If the unit does not fire up check the connections to be sure they are tight. Performance is better than expected. I have been taking longer runs and hitting some decent hills and the power is great. At peddle assist 1 or 2 I can power up hills with much less effort. At age 63 my knees aren't what they used to be. Tech support is great as well. All my questions were answered promptly. Buy this kit. You won't regret it. (Posted on 12/04/2018)
Excellent Quality - I look forward to commuting so much more now.Review by Michael
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Including traffic, it takes me 45 mins to get to work by car. By bike with this conversion, it takes me just over an hour. I wear a fitbit which measures my heart rate for accurate calorie burning and on a 28 klm comfortable ride, I still burn 700+ calories. My legs aren't exhausted when I get to work so I can still function. I would never keep this up twice weekly if it wasn't for the e-bike kit. Lost 20 kgs since October and enjoyed every klm of it.
Dillenger product is solid and I only had issues with the brake sensor sometimes not engaging or disengaging. I've since removed it and realised I never needed it. I did not install the throttle making the complete kit very easy to install and it looks neater and more uniform that way.
Battery will only last as advertised at the lower levels. At level 9, you're lucky to get to 40klms on one charge
On the flip side, 34kph is where my street legal motor maxes out and I'm happy with that as my feet aren't spinning uselessly, I still feel like I'm doing a lot of the work which is exactly what I want.
I use the torque arm just in case as it's a alloy frame.
Customer service line is very helpful too with detailed advice to get you going.
I've done 60klms per week since October and it has not failed me yet.
Highly recommended! (Posted on 29/03/2018)
Perfect! (so far...)Review by mike
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Got my 350 watt Street Legal delivered 3/16/18. Great packaging, no damage. No instructions, but those are available online. Minor filing on droputs. Installation took 3 hours, then another hour or two cleaning things up. I tried the throttle. It worked fine, but it is not for me. Brake sensors either. Like driving a standard: don’t use the brake and the accelerator (crank) at the same time. Less clutter. Rode 60 hilly miles today and the battery still showed 5 bars on the screen. Maybe its faulty, but had juice to spare. I’m a pedaler and probably averaged 16 mph. It quit helping me at 21 mph, but thats fast enough for me. My Giant Roam 2 weighs 52 lbs with the kit and can easily be pedalled home (relatively) if need be. Right now, I really, really like it. With 5 knee surgeries under my belt and new knees in the future, this the perfect addition to this 64 yo wheel mans stable. Mike (Posted on 17/03/2018)
I sold my car. Review by Brian
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
I just got 1000 miles on this kit, so I’m ready to review it. In short: buying this changed my life. I got rid of my car, my wife and I can share hers now. I’m commuting 100 miles a week on my bike. I’ve lost some weight, lowered my blood pressure, and reduced my carbon footprint. And I haven’t regretted losing the car. Without the kit, I couldn’t have done this. I’m glad I bought it.

More details:

My bike is a frankenbike with a trek frame, built up for light touring. Drop bars with integrated shifters, big 105 cranks. I’m 160 pounds, 6’3”, and I commute with a computer, change of clothes, likely 20lbs of stuff. So a big heavy bike carrying a lot of weight.

A lot of this bike was not compatible with this kit. The brake sensors never really worked out with the brifters, and the bottom bracket was too big for the pedal assist sensor.

So I ditched the brake sensors (just not pedaling stops the motor just fine), and I had to make my own pedal assist as a replacement. Everything else installed easily.

Despite these parts not fitting, I’m not complaining. This kit was designed to be generic, and my cobbled together bike fits no spec sheet. And in the end, everything worked perfectly. Total installation (even with the issues) only took a couple hours.

Speaking of how it works. I commute 10 miles each way to work and back, daily. Plenty of hills in Atlanta, but no mountains. At high speed, I don’t have to pedal hard to get up those hills at about 17mph. At low speed (preferred) it makes my 200lbs of bike+human feel like I’m right a nice quick racing bike. Still requires a lot of pedaling to get up the hills, just removes the excess weight.

At 1k miles, I’ve had zero issues. It has worked every time. I can get about 2 days out of the battery. My bike gets rained on when it rains, I’ve had no electrical problems.

The only ‘negative’ Thing I can say is that I have to frequently retighten the spokes, despite never having it done it once on the back wheel after about 10k miles. But this is easy to do.

(Posted on 10/01/2018)
Great price and ranges!Review by Paulo
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
I decided on Dillinger Street Legal Electric Bike Kit, mainly for the prices and the ranges as compare to other brands on the market. I installed on my vintage Peugeot (circa 1980), the one with the down tube gear levers shifter, easy to installs with the product manual provided from the website. Do yourself a favor,invested on a good tires and tubes, plus the tire liners for extra protections from your local bike shop (LBS). It is no fun having a flat in the middle of your ride (twice!) and to removed the front wheel with wire dangling from the hub. Do brings extra tubes and tools as a precaution. As for the ranges and the torques (more than 50 miles with pedal assisted) I am able to conquered Southern California Wine Country! (Posted on 26/12/2017)
Great value and torqueReview by Johannes
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Recently got this kit for my girlfriend, who has a massive 350m, 6km climb as her daily commute to work. She has been extremely happy with the kit, and now pedals to work with ease. The steepest climb during the commute, which is normally barely bikeable in first gear, is now much easier, although not totally effortless.

I got so envious of her newly converted e-bike that I ordered one for myself also. (Posted on 17/10/2017)
Great value, could use some clearer info on websiteReview by William
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
100% happy with price and product now that it is installed on a bike, though not the one I had originally intended for the kit. I will totally own some of the blame for missing some critical info, which I have since found, like the need for an older square taper bottom bracket to fit the pedaling detector disk and use the pedal assist mode. Other things that I still can't find are that the thumb throttle is like an old Gripshift style mounting, meaning you can't really put it around curves on bars very well and that it won't fit around certain diameters of bars. Since I couldn't find any info on what kind of bar it would fit on, I thought it could be installed in any situation you could throw at it. Also, like another reviewer said, the disc brake option didn't work easily although I'm sure I could get it working with the right spacers and mounting brackets for my fork.

I decided to put it on my wife's bike, which has the right bottom bracket, the right diameter bars, and no disc brakes, and installation was easy and the kit works great. Super happy with it. With a single pop-up window on ordering to make those three critical things less missable (bar diameter, bottom bracket requirements, and disc brake fiddly-ness), I would have felt more prepared for the kit or known that it wasn't for me. If I didn't have a separate bike to fall back on when my first plan didn't work my experience would have been very frustrating (again, partly my fault, but for people new to e-bikes and kits there is a lot to learn and a lot to miss if the info isn't super obvious).

Also, while this is not totally specific to this kit, I would say that having gone through a lot of reading and research, I think the geared hub electric wheel systems are the way to go for my commuting/no huge hills needs. I like that I can run out of battery power and the wheel just freewheels and remains easily rideable. My commute is 37 miles round trip and takes about 3 hours. I had been considering Uber rideshare or something else a day or two a week but I decided I wanted to stay on the bike every day and see if this would shave some time and effort off the ride. I save about 30-40 minutes a day on the commute and get home not exhausted. Super happy I went this route. (Posted on 02/10/2017)
great kitReview by Rob
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Worked great for my 29er Mountain Bike. Replaced my front fork with a rigid steel fork. Tons of fun. (Posted on 24/09/2017)
Great powerReview by Allen
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Living in Vermont I was concerned about hill climbing ability. The set up has plenty of climbing power as long as you keep your speed up. If you climb too slowly the motor turns over too slowly, looses power and you stall. This is probably true of any eBike and I suspect a direct drive motor would have even more of this effect. The battery took me 50 hilly miles and still had about 30% left. (Posted on 13/09/2017)
Great first ebike conversionReview by Stewart
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
I converted an older hybrid bike - Scott. I ground off a tiny bit of material from the dropouts area and everything came together beautifully. Extremely easy to fit.
The motor is plenty powerful, and after riding 12 ks to work and back twice, still shows full power (Posted on 13/09/2017)
Great kit!Review by Johan
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Must say. This kit is great. Have it on my commuting bike and it works great.

I can highly recommend this kit, very easy to assembly (Posted on 10/08/2016)
bike on viagraReview by frank
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
it is like a bike on Viagra. WOW. .worth every penny (Posted on 13/05/2016)
excellentReview by franki
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
this bike kit is a 64 year old has taken me back to my youth..i can chase the grand kids around with out fear of a heart wishes from SUNDERLAND.UK (Posted on 12/05/2016)
Some considerations before starting.Review by Peter
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Very good kit, it is neat and tidy and very well designed. Quality of Samsung battery is very good and performs as expected.

Support service very good and responsive.

I had some problems installing kit on my mountain bike and learnt a few things that I would like to share.

I tried to fit kit on an very up market mountain bike with high end components that was 10 years old. I was unable to fit the front wheel on without a lot of modifications and took many hours to fit to get the disc brakes and shocks to fit. I was then was unable to fit the PAS Pedal assist sensor on the cranks.

I then fitted the kit onto another mountain bike with standard cranks, basic brakes and standard forks and was able to get it to fit with minimal problems.

My observations while fitting the kit.
The space between the forks to fit the wheel is critical and must be at least 100 mm to bet be able to fit the wheel easily.
PAS is very easy to fit on standard cranks and works well.
Fitting disc brakes is likely to involve using spacers to get enough clearance so the wheel doesn't rub against the forks.
Buy the best tubes you can with the highest puncture resistant as changing tubes will be difficult on the road side.
Buy the best quality puncture resistant tires for same reason.
Have brakes adjusted well with good quality pads as you will need them.

Once up and running the kit performed better than I had expected. The kit is rated to travel at maximum 25 kph but will do 32 kph. With pedal assist i have pedaled between 30 to 45 kph commuting to work including minor hills without needing to shower when arriving at work. I have to travel a small section through traffic, the thumb throttle will get you across the intersection very smartly from a standing start.

The kit is very well priced considered the high quality of the battery which is supplied. I have looked at several other systems and none of them is as well designed or near this price with comparable components. The guys at Dillenger were responsive and helpful when I ran into a problems.

When I put another bike together with this kit I will consider putting it onto a hybrid bike with 700c wheels as I think the performance on that setup will be even better for straight commuting.

I hope my review is helpful to others wanting to set up their own bikes. Even with a few hiccups I think its very worthwhile and a lot of fun.
(Posted on 27/03/2016)
Very Good!!Review by David
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Installed this kit on a brand new Boardman Hyrid bike and the bike is even more fun now, top speed on this light weight bike with a little push from the peddles is quick to say the least, some people use electric bikes because it helps them enjoy cycling again but installed on a Boardman it's fun because you can ride in top gear everywhere, the motor is so torquey and it looks good!
The only issue is it's difficult to fit the throttle and brake senses on the Boardman so don't and use the pedal sensor instead, worked for me! (this would always be the case with any universal conversion kit)
I've installed many kits brought from china which have been okay and served a purpose but the Dillenger is the best in quality and performance! Very Good indeed! (Posted on 26/02/2016)
One of the best!Review by Tony N.
Functions as Described
Overall Rating
Me and my Son have both got this ebike kit, and we couldn't be happier. It's given me the freedom to ride around without pain as I have limited mobility, and my son has managed to save a bunch of money by using the ebike rather than his car. I rave about it to everyone, and couldn't imagine not having it now. Great! (Posted on 26/01/2016)

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