1500W Electric bike kit - Hard Case Samsung 20Ah Long Range Battery

Our latest iteration of the popular 1,500W rear hub motor kit features some very significant upgrades. This kit comes with the new Dillenger Hard Case, long range 48V Samsung 20Ah battery system. This is a patented case and mounting system that makes it possible to mount 960Wh of high-performance battery within a bike frame, without the need for sloppy soft bags (no thanks) or custom fabrication. This battery system makes it possible to house a lot of energy in a safe, rigid and stylish assembly. Say goodbye to range anxiety with 48V 20Ah packaged neatly within your bikes standard shape frame. A new sinewave controller accelerates your converted bike effortlessly without any noise whatsoever. It's an astonishing feeling that is highly addictive!

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The original 1500W kit was without a doubt the most 'plug and play' fun you can have on a conversion kit when it was designed, however customers didn't always know what to do with the huge brick of a Samsung pack. We spent a lot of time (longer than we would care to admit) experimenting with ways of carrying around 800-1000Wh of 18650's. The weight and the volume of the cells are the key issues. The weight is considerable compared to much smaller packs, which means the weight should be located both within the wheelbase and near to the normal center of gravity. The volume of the pack makes that very difficult given the broad range of bikes out there. We took the most popular frames that our customers convert and designed a cell pack and case that are compatible. The location of the pack and the way it mounts universally makes it extremely compatible for any hard tail design (and some large dual suspension frames). If you want to see if it will fit your bike, see the bottom of the page to download the size drawings 1:1.


Why did we stick with such a large pack? 48V 20Ah is not a large battery for 1,500W of power. It is adequate. Too little and you will come up short of an ideal range, too much and your bike will weigh as much as a motorbike. Range anxiety can mean the difference between trying new trails and sitting on the couch so we decided to keep the capacity the same. The Hardcase long range battery adapts to your bike without modifications to your frame and includes enough battery to get the most out of this system.


If you'd had the displeasure of mounting heavy things in soft bags and then trying to ride hard, you'll know that soft packs are not an option (without even mentioning the issue of safety and protrusion damage). Riding with the Dillenger hardcase doesn't feel like you're carrying double the normal amount of battery. The center of gravity is almost unchanged. Tipping the bike into corners and maneuvering over rough terrain is no issue. With the hardcase installed, it still feels like you're riding a mountain bike, not a bag of bricks. Rigidity is key for control and the hardcase fixes to your frame firmly and safely, while still giving you the option of charging in situ, or removing the battery without removing the mounting system.


When we sat down to organise a redesign of the 1,500W kit, we didn't take any ideas for granted, we even thought about RC style Li-po's with a BMS. In the end, we kept the pack construction using Samsung 22P 18650's because they're a safe, reliable and last the test of time. This kit is a large investment and although it's denoted as 'high performance' we didn't think that should mean that the longevity is any different to our other conversion kits. This kit has the same safeties in place and the same warranty as a lower output 'street legal' kit. So you can be assured of the longevity of the kit, including the battery and charger.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Designation 1,500W Upgraded conversion kit
Main Use Off road only
Nominal Power 1,500W
Peak Power 1,600W
Cruise Speed 50kmh (31mph)
Max Range Up to 100km (62miles), depending on use
Average Range 60-80km
Throttle Type Right side thumb throttle
Handlebar Display LCD backlit display
Rims Double wall eyelet
Spokes 12G stainless steel
Wiring type EB-BUS waterproof cable set


Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion
Nominal Battery Voltage 48V
Charged Battery Voltage 54.6V
Battery Capacity 20Ah
Nominal Battery Energy 960Wh
Battery Removable Yes
Battery Cell Type 18650
Cell Spec Samsung 2,200mAh 22P
Cell Configuration 13S 9P
Built in BMS Yes
Other Features Patented Hardcase battery and controller universal mounting system included
Maximum Battery Charge Cycles 1,000 design life
Battery Charger Type SANS 48V 3A Smart charger with balancing CY - 180
Battery Charge Time 6 to 7 hours from empty


Motor Brand Dillenger OEM
Motor Model 1,500 Upgraded wiring (heavier gauge phase wires)
Motor Voltage 48V
Max Motor Power 1,600W
Drive Type Direct drive
Motor Sensors Hall Sensor


Controller Brand Dillenger OEM Sinewave
Controller Operating Voltage Dillenger OEM
Controller Max Voltage 60V
Controller Low Voltage Cutoff 40V
Controller Operating Amps 28A +/- 1A
Controller Nominal Power Output 1,500W
Controller MOSFET Tubes 12
Controller Sensors Hall sensors


Total Weight - No Battery 7.5kg
Battery Weight 5.7kg
Total Weight 13.2kg


Battery Width See illustration

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