Brakes and conversion kits – what will work and what won’t

Hub drive conversion kits

The hubs in our hub drive conversion kits are compatible with disk brakes; they have a standard 6 bolt hole pattern in the hub, so a standard rotor can be bolted straight onto the hub. They also work with standard rim brakes (generally known as V-brakes), but make sure they’re properly adjusted so they can provide enough stopping power.

Unfortunately hub drive kits will not work with coaster brakes when the coaster brake is in the wheel that you’re replacing with the motor rim. A coaster brake is located in the hub of your wheel, and with a hub drive kit the motor wheel replaces your “normal” wheel and the motor takes up the space where the coaster brake would have been.

If you have a coaster brake in the rear wheel and you’re converting the front wheel, that would still work as you’re not doing anything with the wheel that has the coaster brake. If you have a coaster brake in the wheel that you want to convert, you’d have to look into replacing that coaster brake with a V-brake or disk brake.

Mid drive conversion kits

Our mid drive conversion kits are compatible with disk brakes and V-brakes, but are not compatible with coaster brakes. The reason for this is that a coaster brake is activated by pedalling backwards, but the mid drive kits freewheel when you pedal backwards so the brake can’t be activated.

If you have a coaster brake and you want to use a mid drive kit, you’d have to change the coaster brake to a V-brake or disk brake.


All our newest conversion kits come with e-brake sensors. These sensors can be used on a wide range of brake levers, as they are simply stuck on top of your existing brake levers. This means you don’t have to change anything about your current brake setup to install these e-brake cut-offs.

The installation instructions for the e-brake sensors are in the conversion kit manuals, which can be found on the website.